What People Are Saying...                           

Excellent experience!  I am a vegetarian and the chef created an impressive vegetarian meal for me.  Already looking forward to returning. Amy M. 3/15/16

Thank you Nick for first class service.  Everything was 5 stars across the charts.  Menu, food,  service, ambience are superb.  Can't wait to go back! Joshua M. 4/2/16

Absolutely loved this place. My wife and I attended an Art Festival and was looking for a light lunch. We saw this place and decided to try it. We both had chicken under a brick with two sides. Outstanding!!! The chef presented us with a fabulous meal in a quaint restaurant. Reasonably priced. Service was also great. Make sure you get reservations for dinner during the weekend. Can't miss Chuck S. 2/27/16

We arrived after the lunch crowd but before the evening menu. 
Super accommodating, Meat & cheese board generous portions, filled with sweet and salty flavors. 
My husband ordered the calamari salad, normally served crispy but he requested grill. They happily did it. I was enticed by the evening scallops appetizer which they too presented. 
Will return. Need to try dinner menu with wine pairing. Andrea M. 3/27/16

We wanted to thank the Chefs Table and all of their employees who worked to make our wedding day even more special. Cory and I could not have asked for a more professional, friendly, and accommodating group of caterers to be there with us. The food was amazing from start to finish! We definitely chose the best caterers around and wanted express our gratitude to you all! Thank you so much! Kira & Cory 4/7/14

If you want a fabulous dining experience, you will never go wrong. I've catered a wedding with over 100 guests, I've done Thanksgiving more than once. When you have a small family, it sometimes makes sense to order for more than you are having so you can enjoy the leftovers all weekend. I only have four to cook for now, yet I still can't cook for less than 20. So for me this is so easy and the food is so wonderful. I'd like to be invited to Adam and Katie's Thanksgiving dinner and I'd be willing to help cook or..... even do clean up, which was my hubby's contribution before they made things so easy for me. I'll leave how great lunch and wine is for another time. Erin October 24, 2013 

It's lunch time, which is why you should check out these mouth-watering dishes from The Chef's Table in Stuart. Yum. #TCPalmSocial, September 9, 2013 

Had a wonderful dinner last night, as always!! This place is such a gem in the wall in Stuart!! My husband and I, had a wondeful 3 course meal, with great friends, Damary's and Greg!! The Chef know's his food and wine!! I highly recommend this place!! I always have to come in when he makes this amazing corn salad!! Tami, August, 30 2013

We just made our reservations to dine with you guys and Pierre for our mini-vacation over Thanksgiving weekend. Can't wait- so excited to see you guys and eat amazing food! Christa, October 23, 2013

What a treat, had a great lunch at The Chef's Table with my dear friend Cindy Butchko Ruess! Thank you girlfriend! XO Linda, November 9, 2013

Great place to have a gathering!! Large or small!! Fantastic food and service!! Dana, May 2013

Had the absolutely best dinner there last night! Audrey, May 2013

 Outstanding meal! I had the calamari salad-perfect combination of the cous cous, fruit, and calamari!! I have never tasted fregula before-it was just delicious! Tracy, May 2013

  The ravioli was superb!!! As usual & the Carrot Cake is unique and so sinful! Lisa, May 2013 

Had the great pleasure of dining her last night with two friends. We were all in need of a first rate girls night out and we were not disappointed.

Highlights included the lobster salad with an ethereal avocado mousse, with just the perfect balance of richness and acidity and the succulent pork chop with the most incredible fried green tomatoes I have ever eaten.The chef, who stopped at another table but not at ours, though there were only two tables seated in the restaurant, transported a commonly mundane southern classic into haute-cuisine.

The desert highlight was the white chocolate cheese cake which was more mousse than cheesecake with a chocolaty crunchy crust that demanded to be finished. The cheese plate was thoughtfully selected, perfect in portion and incredible with the balsamic dressed berry compote and the dessert wine.

The wine pairing selections were spot on and even the Chardonnay, of which I am not typically a fan, was buttery and very satisfying.

Disappointments, which are happily hard to fine at this gem, were not fatal. The white asparagus with prosciutto begged for a gastric and a pinch of fleur de sel to add a bit more spark to the plate. The fish of the day was listed as fresh local grouper but when the plate arrived it was salmon. Now don't get me wrong, the salmon was marvelous but it is a far cry from grouper. They should have informed us of the change in advance rather than at the time of service. Many people do not care for salmon and the unannounced "switcheroo" could have marred a perfect evening. 

Dennis, the server who works lunches and dinner, is efficient, knowledgeable and unobtrusive. He satisfied our every request promptly and with graciousness while making you feel like an old friend he has been looking forward to seeing.

The Chef's Table is among the finest restaurants on the Treasure Coast. Maple Street beware.
 Kathaleen, May 2013

I had lunch at The Chef's Table with my mother, sister and nieces last Saturday. It was a Mother's Day celebration and it was perfect. Not only was the food outstanding but the welcoming atmosphere and unobtrusive yet efficient service made for a wonderful afternoon. The roasted beet salad was divine, especially with the perfectly cooked snapper atop. I had the Pork Panini which was raved about on YELP and it did not disappoint. Had the bread not been spectacular and the whiskey sauce and caramelized onions so succulent, I might have wished for a bit more pork on the sandwich but the panini was cooked to perfection and I would definitely order it again. Even the homemade pickles are memorable with a certain je ne sais quois that made you wish you could take some home, and you can.

Going back to try out the chef's tasting menu this Friday. Can't wait. This is truly a dining destination that puts the majority of mundane restaurants to shame. 

Kathleen, May 2013

I came for Lunch after hearing great reviews from friends about dinner. The panini was fantastic. I will definitely be back for dinner. I looked over the dinner menu and it looked great. It is a Prix Fixe Dinner Menu so it is a little pricey but I am sure it will be worth it. 

 Dougie P. February,2013

 This place is fantastic, and a complete departure from the norm in the Stuart area.  My last review focused on lunch; amazing plates of pasta, fantastic casual paninis, and so on.  This time we went for dinner; a completely different experience, but equally memorable.

Like one or two others, we decided to get the 5 course tasting menu ($65/person, with $35/person for the wine pairings).  The courses were actually drawn from their dinner menu, with the chefs selecting the dishes they considered to be most fresh, and presented them in an order they considered most appropriate.  For all but one course they gave the two of us different items, to give us a chance to try more elements of the overall menu.  They change their menu weekly, so you aren't likely to get more than one shot to try something!

Preceding the main courses was an amuse-bouche that played on potato skins, a crispy little bite of fingerling potato with a light sour cream and chive mixture on top.  Simple but delicious.

The first course for me was an Italian crudo of hamachi, with 4 different presentations.  The best were those paired with cucumber and pistachio, but all were delicious.  My dining partner received a perfectly seared scallop in a grapefruit broth, with little microgreens floating throughout.

The second courses were the salads.  Mine was a piece of buffalo mozzarella, topped with a sort of scotch egg (soft boiled, then fried in panko breadcrumbs), paired with arugula and fried pancetta.  Hers had warm goat cheese, endive, candied pecans and raisins.  Both were awesome.

The third course was the same for both of us, with good reason.  It was the one menu item I was skeptical about, but I was proven very, very wrong.  Perfect homemade ravioli, filled with a semi-sweet beet and gorgonzola mixture, topped with a creamy poppy-seed sauce.  Possibly the highlight of the meal.

The fourth courses were the "mains".  Hers was a perfectly cooked snapper (the skin was wonderfully crispy) in a classic french bouillabaisse broth, while mine was hangar steak with a beautifully reduced demi-glace, on a bed of spinach and roasted cauliflower.  Both great, but I'd call the steak the winner.

The desserts were very different.  Mine was a no-bake cheesecake that melted in the mouth, while hers was a poached pear in a delightfully sweet sauce.

Unlike the lunch offerings, which are more classically Italian, the dinner was a little more of a French-Italian hybrid, perhaps reflecting the combined background of the chefs -- learning in the French style, then studying their craft in Italy.  But they pull off the more complex style with ease.  Just fantastic stuff.

A couple other places potentially compare (Ian's Tropical Grill, 11 Maple), but I don't think anyone else is doing quite what these guys are in terms of somelier service and chef-crafted tasting menus.

Just go.  Right now.  You won't be disappointed.

Peter 10/2013


Dear Angela,

I hope this note finds you and the entire Chef's Table team well. What a pleasure to partner with you on our April 29th dinner. Great job and thank you for everything!

Until Next Time :)

-Marshay, May 2013

Miss the food so much! Planning a trip to Florida just to come here! Christa, April 2013

Had the BEST soft shell crab sandwich today for lunch, glad I did not miss out before they sold out!! Thanks, so yummy. Pat, April 2013

Had the absolutely best dinner there last night! Audrey, April 2013

Great place to have a gathering!! Large or small!!! Fantastic food and service!! Dana, March 2013

Enjoyed lunch here today-first time diners-will be back. Awesome food, atmosphere and service. 5-stars! Susanne, March 2013

Their food is AMAZING! Always a good meal and great ambiance. Try the gnocchi!!!! Melinda, February 2013

Another great meal with wonderful service last night. Oh cannot forget the awesome wine!! The pasta with seafood rivals pasta we ate in Italy!!! Jim, January 2013

One of a kind dining experience! Taralynne, September 2012

Adam & team catered a party for 70 at our home a few weeks ago. Everything was superb! The food was fantastic and the service attentive & friendly. Angela saw to every last detail (and I mean DETAIL :-) to make sure all went smoothly. We could not have asked for more. Beth, May 2012

Just had a scrumptious lunch at the Chef's Table. My new favorite spot in Stuart! Jackie, July 2012

I am so happy that we were able to find this little gem of a restaurant. First of all, let me say that this was one of the best meals and service we have ever had. We were so impressed with the quality of food and professionalism of the staff that we cannot wait to visit again.

Here is the lowdown on what we enjoyed... We ordered the Chef's Five Course Tasting Menu for dinner and started with an amuse bouche (fancy for tiny food teaser) of a decadent Tuscan bruschetta that was creamy and crunchy. It was then on to an appetizer of four pieces of raw fluke (aka Flounder) in light olive oil. Each compartment on the fluke tray had a slice of fish and a topping such as smoked sea salt, Meyer lemon shavings, radish and dill
and something else that was delish.

On to my favorite: the salads. There were two decent sized salads that we were able to share. There was a roasted corn, peach, goat cheese and arugula salad and a rabbit salad. Wow, they were both warm and comforting. I especially enjoyed the peach and corn salad and wish I could recreate it. Does the chef make house visits?!

For the main courses we each shared baked chicken, potatoes, and crispy kale in a balsamic vinaigrette reduction (I hope that's right for I wasn't listening to our waiter because I was so distracted by the food) and a hangar steak with some type of whole grain side. Unbelievably good. So tasty and rich.

For the finale, a chocolate custard with real whipped cream and some type of sugared nut crisps were sprinkled on top. Pure heaven.

The restaurant is so unassuming. It is nice and cozy and not overdecorated. I think the food and service does the talking. The staff is impeccable and made our experience so nice..thanks Pierre!

If you go, we suggest trying the tasting menu. If you are a foodie, you will love it. We loved it and will be back for more!!!

Elyse 6/22/2012

Very unassuming from the outside, but a hidden gem on the inside. From the roadside it looks more like market or store than a restaurant; and, in fact, catering is perhaps the bigger side of the business for The Chef's Table. But lunch here stands up to some of the best Italian restaurants in the country.

As soon as you begin to chat with either the couple that owns the place, or any of the employees for that matter, you can sense the passion that goes into it. Both of the owners trained in Italy for a while, and they bring the kind of attention to detail and seasonality of ingredients that is the norm in that part of the world. My last plate of pasta there was perhaps some of the finest I've ever had -- silky,
homemade pasta, with a luxuriously rich and meaty ragu, and just the right amount of parmesan sprinkled over the top.

They'll cater, prepare carry out orders, or serve you in-house. And they have a great collection of wines, the selection of which is clearly a labor of love for them.

This place should be much better known than it is.

Peter H. 4/19/2012

Just had lunch here and sat outside in the beautiful sun. It was quiet and the staff was very attentive and polite.

I had the wild boar panini. The bread was warm and flakey, the boar was juicy, and the herbs and cheese made this sandwich amazing!

I will definitely eat here again!

John B 2/25/2011

What a great surprise! So much attention to the food, it is obvious these people love what they do and won't settle for less than perfection!

The BEST lunch in Stuart!

Allen G. 10/10/2011

We stopped in today for lunch. We had the spaghetti and apple and pear salad with yummy goat cheese. Chef makes pasta from scratch. Perfect! Will be back for more.

Angelica P. 10/1/2011

Great food, very fresh, micro brew beers, excellent wine selection, prompt service, warm atmosphere.

Chris T. 12/23/2010

Located in Stuart Florida on Ocean Blvd is a wonderful surprise, The Chefs Table.

The food is outstanding, I ate pork belly cassoulet, but this ain't no pork and beans. The pork belly was pure perfection. The layers of flavors were wonderful with notes of fresh herbs. It was nestled on a bed of various beans and topped with a small amount of arugula drizzled with a lemon vinaigrette.

We also dined on a chicken and vegetable soup and an Apple and Pear candied Pecan with Midnight Moon Goat Cheese drizzled in a Cider Vinaigrette.

Truly The Chefs Table.

Carylumley, 7/7/2012

Adam & Katie,
Thank you so much for the beautiful, tasty, and amazing food for my baby shower. All my friends the past 2 months can do nothing but talk about how awesome it was. It was the best shower ever! Thanks again for making the day so memorable.

Andrea, Mark, & baby Owen

The Chef’s Table
Thank you for creating one of the most marvelous, care - free days of our lives.

Deborah & Juan

The food in the restaurant is top notch, all fresh local seasonal items and well worth the trip.

Chef Adam and his Wife who is a top Chef also, love what they do and it shows...

Additionally, Chef Adam and his team Catered our Wedding in April in Stuart and we could not have been more impressed with every detail!

Angela, their Catering Manager was very helpful and friendly and very patient as we had forgotten to consider a couple key items when they were preparing at the wedding venue and she fixed everything on the fly.

- From appetizers that melted in your mouth to the seasonal fish that was a part of the main entree every bite was excellent. And all the food was cooked fresh on site. They brought a complete full sized cooking system with them to the venue. Wow were we impressed.

- Many guests advised us that this meal was some of the best food they had ever had at a wedding.

- We had a non alcoholic 20's themed reception and their team made flavored spritzers that were served in martini glasses and as glamorous as an Old Hollywood function could be.

- We could not have been more pleased with all their hard work and very much look forward to frequenting their unique restaurant and telling everyone we know.

CandCp 6/1/2012

Excellent, Excellent, Excellently prepared meals, pure culinary artistry! Nice decor, excellent service and amazing attention to detail. Only negative would be small appetizers. We highly recommend the wine tasting, a stellar value with expertise not found locally. We will start spreading our fine dinning meals to include this gem along with 11 Maple (Chef’s table has extra star), Pietro’s and Sebastiano’s. Chef’s table is a star or two above the competition! Keep up the good work and we will keep coming back!!!

FoodSnobsFL 5/21/2012

We were so excited to find out that they now do dinner 3 nights a week. We had done lunch here a few times and was never disappointed. But dinner was out of this world. We went for the wine tasting as well and it was worth every penny. I actually think this place is better than the well know 11 Maple St in Jensen Beach. Excellent food! The chocolate neopolitan was so memorable - unforgetable!

VemontGal30 5/8/2012

When travelling, it's not always easy to find restaurants that serve free range/organic meat and chicken, so we were delighted to find this small, local restaurant.

Chefs Table has just started a dinner service & we were fortunate enough to eat there last night.
The food was fresh & seasonal with an Italian influence, the owners having both trained for a while in Italy.

We chose three courses from the Prix Fix menu, thoroughly delicious and very good value at only $35. The wines on the wine menu were very well chosen and not the usual "run of the mill". Service was efficient and charming and the restaurant itself had a lovely ambience.

We were so impressed that at the end of the evening we booked a table for two nights hence and are really looking forward to another fabulous meal.

Henkeepers 2/17/2012

I stopped in here for lunch one day because I had a half-price Groupon. I'm glad I did! I had the daily lunch special which was a lobster roll with a small amount of greens on the side - delicious! I also had flavored iced tea and a baked pear - also very good. The lunch menu is mostly salads and sandwiches with a few appetizers and entrees thrown in. The food is more creative than the basic sandwich-shop fare. They use fresh produce, quality breads and interesting taste combinations. Most items are in the $10-$15 range. I was impressed enough that I will return and actually pay full-price for a meal. They use in-season local foods, so the menu changes frequently.

There are also special holiday menus. Check out their Facebook page for the latest. Open for lunch Mon-Sat 10:30-4:30; dinner Weds-Sat by reservation; catering is available.

FloridaMonOfTeens 12/30/2011

The Chef's Table is an amazing restaurant. Heard great reviews before this was ever our new "spot". We love this place so much. We go here for celebrations, lunches, or just a night out with the wife. The owners are not only amazing chefs but friendly people. They both take the time to come to greet tables and honestly ask how we thought the food was served and prepared. This place takes the "big city, high class restaurant quality: with the "quaint, Tuscan feel, countryside freshness" and blends it so beautifully together. The food is always cooked and plated to perfection but the wine pairings of Pierre make dinner the main focual part of our date night. In love with this place but don't tell my wife.

Paul 6/19/2012

They are awesome, accommodating, and always have a great menu. Pierre is awesome with the wine pairings, and overall its a great place to eat.

Christa 4/27/2012

Absolutely the best place to get lunch in Stuart, if not all of Martin County. If you have been to a party that they have catered you know that they deliver each and every time with the best food around. Can't wait for them to open for dinner service!!

Carra 12/27/2011

Without a doubt I Would eat there . Love it! I go every week at least once and can't get enough! The place is even catering my Thanksgiving! Food is exceptional - salads are fresh, cheese is imported and wine is great! Love all the servers and can't get enough of the pork panini! Prices are a little high but I would pay twice the amount for the quality. It's quaint and has an Italian rustic atmosphere. Love love love the Chefs Table.

Marina 11/21/2011

Savory at it's best. Ingenious idea to pick what you do not want to try from the menu and then the chef prepares a 5-course menu, from your remaining selections.

Paulina B. 5/15/2012

Ask for the fresh bread and home baked cookies when you first get here. So good!

Birgitta K. 10/29/2011

Dear Chef’s Table,

Thank you for the amazing food at the “El Cinco de Mayo” Party. The Staff, presentation, and flavor was beyond any expectation.
Thank you,

Lee 5/5/2012