Saturday's Lunch Specials & Features

December 16th, 2017

Monday - Saturday 11am-3pm

Monday - Sunday: 5pm - 9pm

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Delivery is also available by calling them directly at 772-692-3287

 We buy from local farms and fishermen, which is why many of our features and specials change frequently

and may only be available in limited quantities

Vegetable Lasagna $14
grape & bell tomatoes, spinach, green beans, touch of tomato sauce & béchamel
FarmHouse Quiche $12
farmhouse salad:
organic farm greens, carrots, cucumbers, lemon vinaigrette
quiche: grilled zucchini
Market Fish:
Soup of the Day:
chicken & vegetable
Ravioli : $7 half / $13 full
beets & blue cheese; poppyseed butter
Farm to Table Sides
($4 ala carte )
roasted marinated beets
braised spinach
braised kale
brussel sprouts w/pancetta
tuscan beans
creamy polenta
hand cut fries; white truffle aioli